Albums I'm listening to a lot at the moment...

Taylor Swift, 1989

She's super tall, doesn't take herself too seriously, does a great liquid eyeliner and can pull off red lipstick in casual and fancy occasions. And after recently posting pictures with Haim on her instagram, she's officially friends with all the celebs I wish I was friends with (except maybe Lana Del Rey). I want to be you Taylor...

Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Greatest Hits

It's just fab okay. I am a nineties kid after all :)

Sia, Chandelier

I know this is quite old (and not an album), but the video is amazing (I want to learn that dance...) and I'm generally a fan of Sia's whole approach to non-celebrity-ism. Plus it keeps getting stuck in my head so I pretty much sing this 24/7.

Lana Del Rey, Ultraviolence

My favourites are; Old Money, Shades Of Cool and Florida Kilos, but I love them all. The tracks just make me feel like I've time travelled back to the 50's, or America- and they're sassy without being loud.

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It's 2015 already and in the spirit of 'new year new start' (although a month late I guess) I have completely wiped all my old posts and started again! I set up this blog in 2012 but never really committed to it / was never satisfied, so I'm changing it slightly. My aim is to make this more of a website, with a range of posts from outfit posts to recipes to the 'Now...' section which will have what I'm 'Now Listening / Watching / Reading'. I may even get a few friends to create posts every now and again. So, here's an outfit post to begin...

I have been interning at a fashion PR agency in Shoreditch for four months and as it comes to an end on Friday, I thought I needed to make use of the graffiti streets literally designed for bloggers (well, almost.)


Coat: H&M // Jumper: Primark // Jeans: Asos // Shoes: Urban Outfitters

I wear a lot of black so it's fun to add bits like the coat and sparkly socks to make things a bit more interesting. I also like wearing different textures, because the coat is super soft and the jumper (which is cashmere from Primark - who knew?) is cosy and warm :)

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