It's 2015 already and in the spirit of 'new year new start' (although a month late I guess) I have completely wiped all my old posts and started again! I set up this blog in 2012 but never really committed to it / was never satisfied, so I'm changing it slightly. My aim is to make this more of a website, with a range of posts from outfit posts to recipes to the 'Now...' section which will have what I'm 'Now Listening / Watching / Reading'. I may even get a few friends to create posts every now and again. So, here's an outfit post to begin...

I have been interning at a fashion PR agency in Shoreditch for four months and as it comes to an end on Friday, I thought I needed to make use of the graffiti streets literally designed for bloggers (well, almost.)


Coat: H&M // Jumper: Primark // Jeans: Asos // Shoes: Urban Outfitters

I wear a lot of black so it's fun to add bits like the coat and sparkly socks to make things a bit more interesting. I also like wearing different textures, because the coat is super soft and the jumper (which is cashmere from Primark - who knew?) is cosy and warm :)


  1. stylish coat :)) love it!

    INSTAGRAM - hellodashi

  2. thank you for sweet comment:) just followed u back via gfc and instagram


❀❀ Thank you for commenting, I appreciate every one. If you want me to check out your blog I'd be happy to, just ask. ❀❀

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